Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Malvern Alpine Expedition May 2011 Tuesday
Today was an Annecy day meaning a relatively early start for the house which some of us found more challenging than others due to a late night, eating drinking and talking Pararubbish. It seems the French also do traffic jams but after a longer than expected drive we ended up on the fabulous shores of lake Annecy, both cars meeting at the Dussard landing field. Fortunately Kobus had decided not to fly today so we had a duty driver , sorted! (thanks Kobus). Most of us had two flights from the Col De Forclaz take off, which is very smart by the way with an Astroturf set up area and take off plus seating for spectators and even toilets (of a sort). Watching the SIV students going through their manoeuvres was interesting to say the least (rather them than me) but we all had very pleasant flights, I managed to climb out above the ridge immediately behind take off and the views of the peaks behind were stunning, however they were half shrouded in cloud and looked better from afar. All together a grand day out finished off with a beer on the way home. Life is really tough in the Alps.
Chris H.

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