Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Malvern Alpine Expedition May 2011 Wednesday.

A day or to be more accurate a morning of TTB’s at Samoens for most of us except for Mark T and Ian P who spent the morning getting a new tyre on Marks car after he picked up a puncture at Annecy yesterday. Mark finally made it to take off at lunchtime only to have his glider snag on something on take off and put a small rip in his wing. This resulted in Mark and Ian spending the afternoon driving back to Annecy to buy repair tape, really not Marks day! As a consolation Brian P and Chris H patched Marks wing for him whilst he cooked tea for the rest of us, well done Mark. The morning had been interesting with no wind on launch forcing all to forward launch. Kobus betrayed his foreign origins by executing perfect forward launches every time, the rest of us were a little less polished. The canine launch marshal kept us all in order though. As it turns out Mark and Ian missed nothing in the afternoon as the valley overdeveloped and we settled for a quick walk around the village and a spell of tidying up. Mark and Ian returned to tell of wonderful conditions at Annecy and topless beaches, so unsurprisingly we have declared tomorrow an Annecy day.
Chris H.

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