Monday, 16 May 2011

Malvern Alpine Expedition May 2011.

The day dawns bright with blue skies and more friendly looking cumulus, hopefully we are in for a much less stressful day, as indeed it turns out to be. Today everybody flew including Paul M and Kobus despites Kobus having reservations over the size of the LZ he made a perfectly good landing all be it a little short but so did most people, valley winds really take some getting used too. Most people had 3 flights generally extended TTB’s but with some thermal ling around . Mark T having a great evening flight themalling around take off at the end of the day, until I took off and jinxed it. As Ian P does his master chef bit plans of Annecy tomorrow are hatching whilst the odd cool bear and glass of vino slips down nicely. Life can be so tough sometimes!

Chris H, who most definitely is not head coach just in case anyone gets ideas whilst I’m away!.

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