Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Rhosilli July 13th 2008

After a delayed start ,Pancho oversleeping due to a massive facebook overdose. We loaded up Pete’s new charabang with 4 gliders 4 people and the 17 separate boxes Ralf keeps various bits of kit in when he comes flying. Due to its Tardis like people and luggage eating ability we all had room to stretch out and get back to sleep, well done Mr Tustin on such a judicious purchase, you have won the driving for a year competition that I bet you didn’t even know you had entered.

After the long drive down we went for the now traditional all day Gower breakfast (if you see the sign pull over as its well worth it), let out the belt a couple notches and carried on down to the Bay.

A couple of gliders were scratching about in a wind that was well off to the South so we took a leisurely stroll up to the pimple and decided to parawait until the wind came on to the hill.

We were all enjoying a quiet laze about when the peace was shattered by Pancho revealing the worst pair of flesh coloured pornstar shorts it has ever been my privilege to see. After much hilarity the grumpy git decided it was suddenly flyable enough to take off and he proceeded to join the scratchers for a while.

The Thomas’s turned up although Kate had bought a small furry bundle with her which bore very little resemblance to a glider. Dave’s glider on the other hand after disturbing a few moths and finding two shillings and sixpence in the bag , turned out to be in fine fettle and was pronounced eminently flyable.

Mac wandered down from the top of the hill, then wandered back up as strangely he had left his kit at the top and his wife point blank refused to go and collect it for him.

By this time it was turning into a proper reunion with Reech and Ron turning up with some shiny new reversible harnesses.

The wind finally turned round so of course Tony turned up and does what Tony does, walk to the front of the queue plonk his glider down and take off.

Everybody else took off in dribs and drabs, me obviously last due to my kind caring, helpful nature and everyone enjoyed a few hours boating around on a very pleasant sea breezy afternoon. Except for Ralf who wears his harness like his trousers – way too tight! So decided a quick trip to the beach was the best way to keep alive his chances of having children

Martin and his newly qualified brother turned up later in the afternoon so we were treated to an acro spectacular whilst a few of us tried wingovers and stuff with various degrees of patheticness. The tourist trip plane made things interesting for everyone by flying down the ridge with its engine off passing under, over and around all the gliders. I could have sworn it was a model until it got very, very large and passed just under me.

Couple of pints and a nice meal in the pub watching a few of the really desperate cases wringing the last few minutes out of a great day , strangely Pete decided to fit his reserve in the pub after a days flying!

Long drive back and then the chance to re-enact the Krypton Factor by trying to refit the seats in the back of Pete’s automobile.

Good Day, Good People and Good Food

Paul M

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