Friday, 25 July 2008

Marcle Ridge 25/07/08

Got to take off at 4:30pm after an early finish. It was blowing about 10 - 15mph and it was my first flight on my new Airwave Mustang. Flew about 50ft above the ridge line most of the time but spent a good 20mins flying over the wood and old hang glider training field to the south of TO (great lift over the wood) - I was surprised how far I could fly south past the end of the ridge without loosing lift. No other flyers around except two birds of prey which were soaring with me. It got a bit stronger later in the evening and went off to the south some more so landed around 6pm. I want to try ridge running to the north when the wind is bang on as I'm sure it will be possible to go a long way past the radio mast. Anyway I was really pleased with the new wing - really responsive and sporty compared to my old Arcus - can't wait to fly it with the motor and pull some g's :). Simon Chandler.

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