Tuesday, 14 October 2008

marcle again

14th October
It was way off to the NW and naff until a front came through just before lunchtime and the sky became great looking. Then it came smack on for a time and was great with the smoothest air being in the thermals as it was very lumpy at times on the ridge. The wind kept changing from South West to West-North-West and back again which meant the ridge changed it's personality repeatedly. The occasional slope landings were sometimes to the north and sometimes south as the fickle wind determined. Best height was about 300ft over the hour and half. I went back to the car for sarnies and chat with Marcus (MHGC member) with the wing well bundled up down by the bottom fence and harness on top, yet when I returned I thought someone had nicked it. The helmet was at the bottom of the hill and the rest was up by the big tree as it had been dragged up and sideways and knotted up into a ball by a huge gust that came through. Took an hour to untangle.

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