Sunday, 13 July 2008

Long Mynd Magic 13 July 2008

This entry could have had various titles from “A cracking day at the Mynd (after a very late start)” to “Don’t let Wendy put you off” or “Have faith in the forecast Luke”(sorry getting carried away now). Despite a reasonable forecast Wendy was still reporting light and off to the South until midday which was a bit off putting. To be fair XC weather wasn’t any more encouraging and the local web cam looked pretty unimpressive as well. Finally the first signs that things might be starting to happen in line with the forecast came around 12:30 and I managed to persuade Simon Dillworth that it wasn’t too late and still worth taking a punt. All the way up there seemed to be little wind and what there was appeared to be off to the SW and the sky was overdeveloping too, I was beginning to feel a little guilty dragging Simon out but hey such is paragliding. As we neared the Mynd the sky began too look better and as we drove along the front, a column of paragliders climbing out finally confirmed my faith in the forecast and power of the Mynd was justified. Yes it was busy and Parking was a bit of a nightmare but when you got in the air the whole ridge was working, so amazingly it never seemed to be too crowded. Bizarrely after almost no wind earlier it almost felt too strong on take off at times, but launching well down the front was fine and once up it was no problem which was adequately demonstrated by a couple of PG's well out in front attempting an out and return or triangle via Corndon. The odd PG could be seen drifting over the back whilst the rest worked the full length of the ridge accompanied by Hang Gliders , the odd Rigid and occasionally Sailplanes. All in all a very pleasant day with decent climbs but also correspondingly strong sink to catch out the unwary.

Chris H

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