Monday, 30 June 2008

Marvellous Marcle

WSW - SW 12mph average. It's got to be the most lovely site to fly from scenery wise, and I finally managed to get away XC from there despite it only being about 70 ft high on the main slope. A few minutes after an early launch I had the undercarriage down and almost went down but with loads of brake on trying to slope land just crept back up and along the slope to connect into a thermal and get me away. I kept losing the weak lift, and was on the edge of a huge cloud shadow and each time decided to go round the edge into the sunny southerly side. Had to skirt around Ledbury as I was looking like landing in the middle if I didn't, but climbed over Eastnor Castle. Wasn't high enough to get over the bottom end of the Malverns, but brain wasn't in XC gear by then and didn't really try to soar it and wait for a climb as the wind seemed very strong and I had thoughts of being blown over the back at 100ft. Landed for 13.7k in straight line. For a couple of hours afterwards the sky looked superb, so I ended up a little dejected despite realising one of my flying ambitions.

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