Friday, 9 May 2008

MALVERN MAY 6th 2008

Good day flying today. 3 hours in the air.
Stated about 15mph smooth North Easterly at Perseverance Launch and by 13.30 the clouds were starting to form and the wind speed increased to 20mph plus with gusts to nearly 30 mph and it moved to the south east. Launched at 13.45 into good lift.
Max Height 4500ft ASL got to Junction 2 on the M50. Wind in the air was sometimes 20 mph but reduced to 10mph later in the flight. Misty conditions to the sides.
GPS told me that I could get to Fownhope goal (13 miles) on one glide, but I do not like this murky stuff.
Martin B tried to launch but 'did' two uprights. Tony J tried to launch and 'did' two uprights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alan H got away from launch OK.
HG pilot (from Dunstable Club ??) banged in on Pinnacle Hill and the Air Ambulance arrived. I had to 'park up' on The Beacon for what seemed like ages. Alan had to 'park up' to the south somwhere, before the Helicopter moved off.
The 3C's LZ was reduced in size because of the vertical steel bars were in place marking the parking areas for the massive Spring Show.

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