Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cracking climb out of Marcle

Fairly typical Marcle - up 200 ft, down to by the bottom fence then up again, then down, then up. After 15 minutes of a rollercoaster ride I saw some buzzards over the other side of the farm, so headed west, fortunately connected and rocketed upwards. Had to avoid cloudsuck a lot, but made a big mistake when playing with my printed and digital airmaps, trying to confirm that I would miss Deford HIRTA, and on correct track to miss B'ham airspace - then flew straight off the end of a nice long cloud and into dead air, landing fairly near J7 of M5. Never mind, lesson learned there for next time. Many thanks to paraglider pilots Orla and Paul for squeezing me into her car and dropping me at Worcester railway station.

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