Friday, 5 March 2010

Monday 1st March


The Forecast looked good so three of us took the M4 to the Shrine. It was a beautiful day with the wind bang on the hill, sadly averaging about 4mph.

Lots of waiting about a few top to bottoms and a bit of wingswapping was the sum total of the first Malvern low airtime awayday.
Thanks go to Jim and Richard for answering the call and abandoning heavily pregnant wives and families for a day in the sunshine.

The most notable feature of the day was forward launching in the UK an art some of us remembered better than others ( I will not mention names to spare Richards blushes).

Oh and Jim flies a wing which last saw service when Noah was trying to find out the extent of the Flood damage, so he got very overexcited on the radio when I let him have a go on my wing (sorry Mrs B but that cot and pushchair you were looking at may be on the back burner now).

Very acceptable pint in the Worms Head Hotel and home for bedtime, a good day hopefully had by all.

Paul M

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