Thursday, 4 June 2009

Malverns 4th June (both sides)

Bryan Hindle launched in nil wind from Kettle sings east, went well out and picked up a climb and that was the last time we saw him for many hours, whilst he completed his goal of a huge FAI triangle. Jock, Kirsty Cameron, Gavin Ramsey and myself valiantly attempted to fly with generally little success. Eventually Jock offered to come and pick us up if we went down, so Gavin and I lobbed off and flew out, getting a few bumps but not big enough to turn in, which we both did but lost more height in the process. In the bottom field, Gavin suggested going to Worcester Beacon, as the clouds were very clearly moving from the west, yet the windsock at the bottom was still east-north east (windier than on top in fact). Kirsty had been flying and slope landing so apologies to her for not going to get her. Many many thanks to Jock for sacrificing himself on our behalf as we'd have stayed on KS and then gone home probably.

The west face of the Beacon had a nice breeze when we arrived - but it was all sinky so after both slope landing we ended up waiting for nearly an hour in nil wind, then launching after watching a large group of swifts reappear. Up we went topping out over Malvern town at over 5000. Big decision time for both of us - go East with the wind or west where the sky gave us a better chance of a triangle. After some indecision I went west, getting out over the Worcester -Hereford road then heading south east. Gavin had by then gone off towards Ledbury. I got to Black hill and over the east side of the hills, but my climb was weak so I decided to head back towards what I thought would be a bottom landing somewhere one or other side of kettle sings. As it turned out I got all the way back to the beacon, climbed again briefly and then landed by Gavins car. While on the way back, I saw what looked like Gavins wing back above the hill - how did he get there I thought - we must have flown past each other somehow. We both completed triangles, but nothing to compare with Bryans huge 50km-ish jaunt. Bryan saw us take off while he was on the way back from Much Marcle. When back on the ground all three of us expressed surprise at how rough and broken the thermals were.

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