Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Rhosilli 27th Jan

Lovely day- strong early on so left it to the acro boys to play on there teacloths and went for the all day gower breakfast.
Came back closer to the top end of the weight range to find it had calmed enough for even the likes of me to stumble off.
Lots of paragliders and an entire squadron of stiffies neatly lined up on take off at the pimple then buzzing round like a bunch of loons - still they looked like they were enjoying it.
Flying came to a bit of a dramatic end as Martin as he described it on the Avon diary 'landed heavily' and most of us big eared down to check all was ok.
Happily in true James Bond style he was shaken not stirred and may I just say has quite the prettiest reserve I have ever seen a lovely red and white candy striped affair.

But still a bit of a wake up call for us all

However the true tragedy of the day was still to unfold, it being a Sunday the chippy at Killay was shut so we had to get tea from a skanky kebab shop in Swansea.

Nice to see a few familiar faces on an unfeasably warm January day

Global warming bring it on!

Paul M

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