Saturday, 12 January 2008

Much Marcle 12 January

I went to much marcle but it was too far north of west and light, so went to the west face of the malverns where is was very pretty and snowy, but blown out, so went back to much marcle where the wind had come round a bit and had a lovely long flight on the PG until suddenly getting dumped to the bottom as the wind went from west to SSW in the space of 10 minutes with no wind in between. It was bumpy, the vario has in excess of plus 10 and minus 10 on the log, but no collapses and I missed the trees every time. All in all it's still one of my favourite places, it's just so lovely scenery and it's an organic farm that you have to pay the farmer £2 to fly so I'm happy with that.

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It would be nice to now your name.