Sunday, 16 September 2007

Saturday 15th Sept, Rhosili

The Big Nasty giant stamped on the little white house, luckily Jack and his mother were out planting magic beans at the time. Will these fairy tale folk never learn?

After a week of looking at changeable weekend winds Tony and myself decided to chance the run out to Rhosili.
We set off late as Tony's Malvern emporium is open till the early hours of Friday, then we caught the Rugby traffic through Cardiff, so arrived at the shrine at around 2ish.
Luckily as most of you will know this is when Rhosili starts to get good.

Lovely few hours floating around on my new wing, which i was actually starting to believe was cursed (apparently all the ground handling will do me good), Standard coastal fare, smooth as silk, wide lift band and a beach to play above.

Landed as the sun set, Tony less romantically landed because he needed to pee, packed up then off to the chippy at Killay (highly recommended) and home by 11.30
Slept very well

Paul M

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