Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Lawley again, on Tuesday 11th

Beautiful sunny day, with the wind bang on the hill at lunchtime and around 12 mph. After a preliminary venture which didn't stay up, managed to scrape up onto the big hill with the windvane on, and pushed out to find a lovely thermal which took me to over 4000 ft - inversion level (no clouds at all within 10 miles).

Tried to fly home to Bewdley - the Clee Hills looked so close - but after the first big one found no lift at all until I got to Wenlock Edge. Plenty of buzzards over the cornfields, but I couldn't find a decent bubble. Trees thrashing about on the ridge, but little lift to be had, so ended up just to windward of the Edge by the first metalled road off the ridge from Much Wenlock. A friendly soul gave me a lift back to the car, and I had another go around 5pm, but now the wind was NNW and I couldn't get much higher than the crow on the windvane. However, another 2hr 20 airtime and my first UK XC of a whole 6.3km! Lovely afternoon.

John Kingsley

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