Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Kettle Sings 29/04/2007

All the PG's trouped up and then went down again, including me. I got the Scandal XKR out for the first time in ages and had a lovely take off and landing interspersed with an enjoyable but short lived 20 minutes scratching in the 20mph wind. It was very odd the way it was windy, apparently smack on the hill but with no lift. 2 other hang gliders had also preceeded me down pretty quickly and 1 after me. I'd left the bottom landing field at 2pm so hope it got better later for those I could see rigging.
Dave T

By the way - which is the correct blog ? - there are 3 of them floating about at present, the original old one plus 2 new ones.

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Malvern Member said...

Have a look at the website, Dave - there is the "original" blogger that comes up on that site, but I think its stopped working. Then there is this one. I don't know of a third one! What's that at? John Kingsley