Monday, 26 March 2007

Saturday at Rhigos

David J-H writes: Richard Pearce and I flew at Rhigos (SE Wales) today. It was too northerly for Pontlottyn.
Wind was a perfect 10-15mph on take-off though swinging about between N and ENE (thermal influence) Once airborne, nice conditions, occasionally rough but we flew from 11:00 til 4:00pm with some good climbs in strong thermals. The wind picked up as forecast and Richard got blown back landing in a clearing in the trees behind launch, I pulled a spiral-dive down to land in a lull back at take-off to retrieve Rich but one of the locals had already beat me to it.
I believe Richard took some photo`s of my fat backside (as he kindly put it)
and is going to post them on the website Blog. Well he did spend most of day flying below me.

Richard P writes: Highly recommended for anyone not having been there before, very easy to get to and no kit carry. Lift everywhere (max 1300ft ato) and great views. One flight of 21m and another of 2hr 27m. Stiff chaps came out at 4pm when the wind speed had increased to 20+, they seemd to be having a great time and very high.

Unable to get any shots of the underside of DJH's wing .......or his backside................

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