Friday, 20 May 2011

Malvern Alpine Expedition May 2011 Friday

Today started with a TTB from the South take off at Samoens for Kobus and Mark T, the rest drove down as the wind insisted on blowing over the back. Stunning views of Mont Blanc though so well worth the walk even for those that didn’t fly. Then it was back to Annecy in the afternoon for a last flight of the holiday. Whilst stopping for lunch at the bottom of Plan Fait the debate over flying from Plan Fait or doing the walk and flying from Col de Forclaz was resolved when a glider launched off Plan Fait only to take a 50% collapse , so it was Col de Forclaz then. Kobus decided the walk was all too much and stayed behind to finish lunch and the rest of us headed for take off. The building clouds kept some of us on the ground but Mark T and Brian P managed to dive off for a quick TTB before things got out of hand , thunder and lightening convinced those left on take off that driving down was a better option . An interesting week with conditions always bordering on the unstable usually ending in thunderstorms somewhere or other nearby later in the day . Overall a cracking week with people flying ever day and most importantly everybody having a great time and no accidents or injuries. Many thanks to Dave Lock our absent host form all the Malvern expeditionary force.
Chris H

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