Thursday, 17 April 2008

Malvern Wednesday April 16th

Good day on the Malverns after a poor misty /claggy start. Met lots of PG pilots in the mist at KS carpark and informed them of the new LZ. Majority of them knew nothing about it.
Mist cleared about Lunchtime and I launched the rigid wing at 15.00hrs. winds were 8 to 20 mph. Got to 3100ft ASL and watched a gaggle of PGs doing an involuntary XC over the back at about 16.00hrs. New LZ was well used by PG pilots. I saw none go into the old field. One went into the old playing field and the rest into the new LZ.
Landed at the 3Cs LZ at 17,00hrs and got a lift back to the car, at the Wyche, from the lovely Jacky (thanks again Jacky).

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