Monday, 17 December 2007

Kettle Sings and Castlemoreton Sunday 16th DEC

Very Misty, but smooth. Launched on the hangy side at 12pm (naughty, but safer due to ESE wind direction). Met DJH and Noel. Great soaring and very cold. Paul, Pat, George and Bob all went down to Castlemoreton. My vario didn’t work again! had to rely on GPS.
Wind had died off after an hour and a half, so everyone landed on the Hangy take-off side. Launched after a sandwich (10 mins) when the wind came back on and had some great flying up towards the Beacon and down quite a way towards Castlemoreton.
Warm as toast in my quilted Ozee and two pairs of gloves. I joined the Big Pants lot on Castlemoreton after a ridge soar down the hills. Just managed to continue to scratch a 45 minute soar when I got there. Castlemoreton had picked up to 20mph on take off, as I landed at 410pm. First time I've ever ridge soared to Castlemoreton.
Richard Pearce

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