Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday 10th June

Sunday 10th June Kettle Sings - I really enjoyed it
Only got there at 3pm after release from baby sitting duties, but was told it hadn't been much good up to then.
I launched almost straight away into a thermal and had a few minutes thermalling, then a slope landing.
Next flight was half an hour of thermalling, getting 1/4 mile behind the ridge until I lost it due to not centring well enough I guess (it just sort of faded away so I think I dropped out the bottom). I used the speedbar to get back going crosswind to the lowest gap in the ridge to the south of take off and only scraped in with a few feet to spare.
Next flight was a 3 minutes up then down. Shortly after I launched into a thermal again and while in the air the wind started to pick up and become almost soarable, gradually getting so strong that when I wanted to get down I couldn't get in to slope land and had to go down.
Total airtime was 2hrs 7 mins and I was thoroughly happy with only being on the hill for 3 hours in all and getting that much airtime. My last flght, when I was well over the back again at 1000ft ATO when I heard a crack and looked back to the hill to see a hang glider much closer to the ground pointing downwards with a parachute
opening behind it. I lost the thermal while watching what happened (a sort of landing just over the back of take off - no injuries I believe).
Dave T

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