Friday, 23 March 2007

Wednesday at the Lawley

It looked a cracking start to the day but as we (John Kingsley, Bryan Hindle and David Jackson-Hobbs) arrived on the Lawley take off, the clouds had already started to disappear and we were left in an enormous blue hole. Shortly after we were joined by Nigel and Caroline & Tim Crow, quite the club outing. We all scratched and landed and scratched some more up to the highest point where David made it to approx 1000ft ATO in a nice thermal with Tim & Bryan, but after around 35mins touched back down on top.

We`d had enough by then and flew back down the ridge (John on Shanks' pony) to land near the cars and pack up. So endeth the day ! Sorry, no big (or small) XC`s to report.

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